Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tofino Vacation and Perfect Birthdays

Why Tofino?

I feel like I talk about it a lot but never specify why it is so special to me. So for the sake of internet travellers who stumble across my blog in hopes to find out more about vacations in Tofino, this post is for you. 

We first went to Tofino on our honeymoon. I tried to relinquish a bit of control, which is not easy for every bride, so I can’t tell you why Ben chose Middle Beach Lodge but I am glad that he did. It was just the two of us and we stayed in a triplex cabin. This was equipped with a bedroom, loft, wood stove and kitchenette. We soon discovered that it was an amazing place to simply relax, beachcomb and take it the coastal air.

When Jakob was born we had very little money but needed a vacation after a busy final semester at TWU. We were offered a relative’s property to use and tried to graciously accept. Little did we know… this converted motel was ill-equipped for children or relaxation. Nestled on the side of the highway with only one room, a pull out bed and fishing tackle in an open closet we knew that this place would not be conducive to our objectives. I called Middle Beach - they had room that could accomodate us and the dog. We didn’t look back.

This time, we were in a single deluxe cabin because that was what was available. It had a full fireplace, full kitchen, king-sized bed and a bedroom up top with a queen and single bed. I am not being paid to plug Middle Beach Lodge (MBL) but I was considering this weekend if Tofino would be what it is to me without it. There are certain amenities that while trivial to some, are deal-breakers for us. We found something that works for us and have stuck with it. Here are a few features that sealed the deal:

Now that we have children, it is important to us to have a separate dwelling so that we don’t have to worry about constantly shushing them in fear that our neighbors might be disturbed. We also figure that if we are going to pay a little extra we want to be right on the ocean. There is something about being able to sit on the couch and look out on the water, after all, that is why I am going there. I want to hear the waves lap on the shore at night and when it rains, be able to sit with a cup of tea and watch the storms rage. We also like having a full kitchen so that we can control what we eat and when we eat and don’t have to go into town to a restaurant, which, let’s face it, just isn’t worth it with kids. Another perk of MBL is the lodge itself. Not many accommodations in Tofino offer a communal lodge but when you have children it is particularly handy. Ben and I will often spell each other off and while one of us stays with the kids, the other goes to the lodge and settles into one of the comfy couches in front of the large river rock fireplace to read, drink coffee, study music or just clear our minds. 

Aunty and Ella

This my dad. Handsome isn't he?

Finally, we love MBL because nobody cares if Soren, our dog is off leash. It sits on a little peninsula separating Middle Beach and Mackenzie beach. Middle beach is completely secluded and for MBL use only. Mackenzie beach is much bigger and when the tide is out provides plenty of space for guests from the many resorts, which line the beach. Either way, Soren is free to run, the kids are free to play and for us, that makes all the difference.

I don't know what it is but as soon as I get unpacked I immediately feel a sense of relief. Perhaps it is because it is the one place on earth that my soul knows how to surrender and my heart, soften. Or perhaps it is because it is far from the stresses, complications and pressures I place on myself, or perhaps it is because there are no distractions: no errands to run, no deadlines, no emails or phone calls.

We often welcome guests to come with us since we have the space to share in our little cabin anyway, but this weekend, we were fortunate enough that my Dad and his wife invited us as their guests along with their three other children and spouses. The nine of us adults, along with the three dogs and our two children shared two cabins, which sounds like a full house but as I said there is no lack of places to escape to. It was a wonderful weekend and we are grateful. Most of the time was spent walking the beach, chatting and playing ridiculous games. On Saturday, which also happened to be my birthday, we had dinner at the Headlands lodge, where they served my favorite, Sockeye Salmon. It was a perfect birthday...yet again. 


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Tofino is the perfect place to relax, so beautiful there. Great pictures Krista!

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