Sunday, April 22, 2012

Springtime in Paris

With the big touristy stuff behind us, I wanted to take Wednesday and Thursday slow, soaking in the City of Love. Like every other day, Jakob wanted to go play in the playground beside the Eiffel Tower, so while Ben took the kids, my brother and I took some much needed sibling time. I prayed with all my heart the rain would hold off until we were done coffee, and it did. Praise the Lord.
On our way back I found a little pail and shovel, perfect for Paris' many sandboxes.

After Jakob had tested it out, we headed over to Concord and to one of the three Ladurées in the City where we met my mom for Omlettes, tea and of course, macarons. It was all wonderful until it was time to leave, and while catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, Jakob fell down the stairs acquiring a nice little shiner as a memento from his trip to Paris.

That afternoon, despite the torrential down pours and erratic weather Ben took the kids back to the flat and my mom and I spent what time we could bare on the Champ-Élysées. This, however, was short lived, and we passed the evening listening to the rain beat on the Paris rooftops.

Friday: our last day.
I sent Ben out Friday morning to spend some time on his own at the Louvre, while the kids and I went back to the Eiffel Tower. The original plan was to go for a boat tour that morning, but once Jakob saw the playground, that plan was out and the sandpit was in. This was perfectly fine with me and I could not think of a better way to spend my last day in Paris.

Once Jakob had a good play, he was ready for the boat. So after we all met back up at our favourite playground, we left my mom and Wayne and went on a three hour tour....okay, it wasn't three hours, and we didn't get ship wrecked, but instead it was rather lovely. (this was just one more thing included with the Paris Pass)

The day only got better, as we got off the boat and headed towards Saint-Germaine. On the way we went through the latin quarter, first stopping for ice cream.

Then, stumbling across a Canadian Bookstore.

We wandered where we wanted, enjoying the sunshine and the freedom in the Paris I knew and loved. We visited Wagner's old stomping ground and I went window shopping in one of the many cookery shops. It was the perfect day to end a wonderful week in Paris. Until next time, A bientôt, bisous.


Tatiana said...

Love those shots from the bookstore!

Z said...

Paris! How I wish I could visit the beautiful city! So glad I discovered your blog! Beautiful shots!

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