Monday, April 16, 2012

Paris Prologue

Written about a month ago...

There are many days when I find myself aching to abandon all responsibility and flee to, none-other, than Paris. In just 3 and half hours and, at times, for a mere £40 I could find myself in the most romanticized city in the world-oh too tempting.

But what is it about Paris?

Why is it that those who have experienced the bustling city settled on the banks of the Seine are no different than many who have never seen the city of Light in person? They get a taste and then forever long to go back, take more of it in and experience it more fully than they had before. And, for those who have not walked the cobble stone streets, they can only dream of magic that the city emanates.

I think about this often as in just one short month we will be headed there ourselves and spending a week experiencing France's national capital. Out of all of our little trips around Europe, in our year spend abroad, Paris will be our longest trip and part of me feels an ounce of guilt since it is probably  my dream moreso than anyone else's.

It started out that I thought it would be a good place to spend my 30th birthday, but the prospect of dragging two young children around Paris in winter didn't sound too appealing. April in Paris on the other hand - need I say more. I am so excited. But why?

I first laid eyes on the Eiffel tower when I was 22. After finishing my degree our choir went on tour to Ukraine. Our flight went through Vienna so many of us took an extended, month long, layover to travel Europe. Together with our some of our best friends, Ben and I set off with our backpacks and mere pocket change to have our right of passage. We went down through Italy, over to France, up to Paris, Belgium, Berlin, Munich and finally Salzburg, where we ran out of money. But out of all of the cities that we visited, Paris stole my heart. We were only there for 3 days and much of it was spent merely walking around. Us, girls went shopping (well, my friend went shopping as I had NO money) while then men went to the catacombs. I don't even think we were in a good area for shopping (if that exists) and I am pretty sure it was a typical Paris day with the occasional downpour.

Fast forward to today, April 16th, 2012

We woke this morning to clear skies and the sun shining, the day promised to be a good one for strolling the streets of Paris before the rain forecasted for the next week blew in. It has been bitingly cold here. I am tempted to say, colder than when I was here in December (10 degrees Celsius but with a terribly cold wind) . And it would not be so problematic, this pseudo-springtime in Paris, but I packed for heat. Reason says that it is further south than London and therefore, just as warm, if not slightly warmer.
So today on this cold, albeit sunny day, we made it leisurely down the Champs Élysées where I had in mind to purchase a warmer sweater.

With no success in the American saturated shopping district we came to the final store on the North side: Banana Republic (a store England doesn't seem to have). I tried on a few items and seriously, sadly, in the middle of Paris, I fell back in love with their clothes. They are me. My style: comfy, classic and affordable . J'aime beaucoup.

Note: Comfy cardigan, Ramblas Mac lip colour and our flat in Paris.
Now. Now, with appropriate clothing, I feel like I can move on and continue enjoying Paris, trying to figure out what exactly it is about this magical city that is so alluring: 

The Markets?
The People?
The Views?
The Language?
The Architecture?
The Food?

I don't want to spill the beans on the Paris posts to come but just to wet your appetite a bit....

Did I post this just to tell you about my new cardigan? Maybe....stay tuned...for Paris....not more about my sweater.


Trish said...

What ever the reason you posted...I will take it! Love the photos....superb

Sarah said...

I think it makes us feel a bit nostalgic: something about Paris exudes a time when people had manners, class, and cared about their appearance. I love that although it may be a fashion mecca, they still cling to the classics. Everything about Paris is just "classic". The pace of life is also very appealing (at least for this American). Although they can seem aloof, they very much care about manners and propriety...and not just wealthy people...people of all classes seem to exude this.
Oh, and by the way, Banana Republic is my favorite store. It is the one credit card I own (besides my debit card), but I can get points to buy things from there. It is also a store of "classics". You look beautiful Krista! You know I'm LOVING these posts mon ami!

robyn said...

you look gorgeous!

Nan said...

Be-u-te-us!And I get to go there in May! After 25 years, Dan and I are getting married (here) and heading to Paris sans offspring (okay, only one, but oh what a one!) for almost a week. You DO look gorgeious, and relaxed, and oh so la la Parisienne! A bo bo? (bourgeous bohemien I am told). Can't wait for more about Paris, but honestly . . all your photos make me smile and feel good!

Krista said...

Thank you Ladies!
Sarah, I felt like such a sellout but in all honestly, I was so happy to finally find clothes that fit me the way I like (something I can't find in England). They really are so classic!
Nan- HOW EXCITING!!!! I am so excited for you and I hope you have better weather than us! Still beautiful no matter what thought, I can't wait to see pictures!

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