Saturday, March 24, 2012


I took a walk this morning. 

I slipped out as light slipped in unnoticed.

Just me and the water...and a couple of fishermen.

The way it should be 
The Ocean and I
We keep our rhythms soft and steady. 
There is no obligation for conversation but comfort in 
the waves lapping on the shore, 
the rocks rolling back into the sea, refining 
and my footsteps digging into the soggy earth. 
I hold myself to no expectations of revelation or healing, just breathe, in and out, like the tide. 
I meet God. But we do not talk.
We wait for the sun.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Yes, I LOVE the water as well. Of course, the whole time I was reading I couldn't help but laugh and think "yeah, just wait till you realize you locked yourself out of the hotel."

Kmarie said...

Love it;) thank you for the beautiful visual.

beth@redandhoney said...

Beautiful. I love the idea of being with God but not having to talk. There's is such rich depth in that kind of space.

Having grown up on the East Coast I feel the same way about the ocean. It feels like home.

Angie said...

Wow! Gorgeous images and I'm so happy you're there!

Runningmama said...

Oh, I have an aching in my heart to visit the beach right now. We moved away from the ocean a few years ago and now when I think of retirement I think I am headed back, for sure!

Jenny said...

My goodness, could this have been any more beautiful!!! I loved this!

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