Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids on Change.

Explaining change to a 4 year old is hard. Jakob can understand that change is coming, but much like me, since he doesn't know what the unknown looks like, he experiences the same frustration. This morning, he remembered how when he was "a baby" we had a white car and lived in our blue house. But now that he is a big boy we have a different car.

I explained to him that when we go back to Canada we wouldn't be living in our blue house anymore. He had no problem with that because we are going to live at Grandma's house. To which I replied, "We may live at Grandma's house for a little while but we can't have Soren (our dog) at her house so we will have to find a new house."
My optimistic boy logically suggested that if we couldn't live at Grandma's house with Soren then we should live at Mark and Tat's house (the friends that are keeping Soren for the year). When he is being so reasonable it is hard to break the news that, no, Mark and Tat's house is too small for us to live there and we would find a new house.

This is when the frustration started to show and in his very big boy, Jakob way he said,

"We will live at Grandma's house for a long time or live at Mark and Tat's house, THAT IS YOUR CHOICE!"

Many people say that kids are resilient and while I am glad we are doing these big life moves now, while they are young, it is still hard. How do I explain that he will live in a new house, possibly, in a new town (something I have not even broached), he will go to a new school with new friends and life will be entirely different from anything he has ever known in his short little life?

Oh my dear Jakob, I know how you feel.


sally carter said...

Hugs! I feel ya! Xxx

Sarah said...

I recently talked to a friend of mine whose parents were they moved a lot. She said she was a better person for it. It has made her a very adaptable adult.
She also said, to keep in perspective, that although we hate changing schools on our children and changing their friends, she reminded me that one thing remains constant: you and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will always be with Jakob...and we can just pray that he will sense that he is not alone.
It will also make him very close to Ella and appreciate her friendship (even if she doesn't communicate well with him now...she will still be comfort to him)
I'm not down playing your emotions. I can only imagine the stress your heart feels. I just only meant to send a small glimmer of peace into this season of change.
Love you Krista! Praying for you all and those BEAUTIFUL kids!

Kmarie said...

He is so precious. I really miss him. His intensity and spunk remind me so much of L. I love that he knows what he wants:) love that picture of his big ol blue eyes. When M gets home I will read this to him- he will love it. He has a big heart and a great memory so M always asks about Jakob.

just sayin' said...

he will adjust. remind him of his adventure to GO to the UK. all the new friends he has made and how much he likes it. the fact that you are all still a family together. It will be a NEW adventure when he comes home. Exciting.Miss you all!

Mark and Tat said...

I think that Jakob is very smart and has given you two very good choices. Our house will be bigger when you come back so that shouldn't be a problem... we would love to share a home with you! We'll do a little practice run again soon! :)

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