Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Randoms

Wednesday, we finally had a consultation with a Speech Therapist here, in Cambridge. Speech is on the top of my list for Ella because, while you won't see many adults with Down Syndrome unable to walk, there are some who have a great difficulty speaking and being understood. The bottom line, is that I feel like Ella should be more developed in her speech since she has had VERY few set backs. That being said, she is doing fabulously physically and tends to focus on one area or the other. She also has very good understanding and comprehension. I know she knows a lot of words, she can follow basic instructions and uses sign language.
Regardless, I would like to hear her saying more words and since she does not like the pressure of mimicking, they suggested simple repetition of words using simple games that Ella enjoys. So I went shopping. It's about time really.

I bought some domestic animals to put and a drawstring bag to put them in and a bag of fruit and veg. Because Ella loves taking things out of cupboards, bags, boxes, etc. we follow this pattern taking turns  with whoever wants to play, pulling out items and naming them, then when they are all out, we put them back in one by one. Simple enough?


As a 30th birthday gift to myself, I decided  to write out my story. It is an exercise favoured by intermediate and highschool teachers alike because we all know how it goes. But that was long ago and the story has almost doubled in length. Not only that, but there are insights that we gain along the way, we recognize scenes that shaped who we are with more emotional analysis, especially the sensitive parts and there is a less objective approach to the sequence of events that are our lives. No matter, I think it is still a useful practice…for what? I'll let you know when I'm done.

"I have been told that I was born on a snowy day in February, 30 years ago. I was premature, as I have always believed that to be on time, is to be late and to be early is to be on time. I think everyone will now agree, I was right on time."

I haven't decided how much I will share on here. Perhaps just a few excerpts here and there....


And lastly, a very short foodie friday thought. Are you looking to infuse your everyday porridge? Try this, grate an apple into the pot, add some cinnamon and raisins...if you like that sort of thing...Yummm.

I don't know about you, but I am glad that it is Friday! Not only that, but next week is half-term (a week off mid-term, here in the UK). It will be nice not to have to rush mornings and get out of the house to get Jakob to school. That being said, I would love some ideas of fun things to do with the kids to keep from getting cabin fever. What are you doing this weekend?


April Vernon said...

I am going to try spicing up our oatmeal with apples, cinnamon & raisins! Yum!

I also want Levi to have proper speech more than anything. The game is a great idea!

I'm so glad to have found your blog. Started following you yesterday!

MG Atwood said...

what a lovely post. I would read your story. Speech is a tricky thing, I think you're on the right track. Have fun with the fruit and animals!

Sarah said...

I know Audrey's therapists have said something similar to yours. She goes to Occupational and Physical and they said if she starts making progress at one, she probably will ignore the other and then later switch. Does that make sense?
It has been a huge thing for me to finally let go and sort of follower her lead. It is hard to know how much to push/encourage them and when to back off. Do you find this hard too? I love her therapist because I don't feel like she puts Audrey on a time table. I hate all the charts in pediatricians offices. Even for "normal functioning" (whatever that means) children, it is so much pressure.

Krista said...

April: so good to connect, I checked out your blog so you can find my comments there. Ella really loves the games and I have really noticed her increase her attempts at vocalizing things like the animal sounds WAY more.
MGAtwood: It means so much to mean that you would read my's a crazy one, so later when I have the courage to post more you'll have to volunteer some feedback.
Sarah: I totally know what you mean about Audrey, Ella is the exact same way...but she is doing so well physically and past the big hurdle of walking that I (in my slightly controlling way) would like to see her switch gears. I would like to think the speech games are my "gentle encouragement" in the speech department. I actually find that I would prefer more pressure from therapists, but maybe that's because we have just a 6 month hiatus while we transitioned. I am not concerned about what "normal" children are doing, but I am of the philosophy as long as we she is progressing, I am happy.

Becca said...

Love the animals/fruits game idea. Samantha definitely learned by repetition in fun ways like that. Just by us talking, talking, talking, about *everything*. I think I may have talked her ear off a bit, though. And correcting by re-stating the word the correct way in another sentence, rather than by saying, "no, it's..."

I'd totally read your memoirs - I love how you write. :-)

Jenny said...

Would love to read your story :)...Like Becca said, I just love the way you write!

And that game sounds perfect! Me and Russell are going to give it a try too.

Gwendolyn said...

I feel like I've just had a good visit with you over that cup of coffee! You communicate so well and I love coming by and hearing of your life's happenings. I must have missed your birthday - so this greets you with a hug! Many blessings many times over!

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