Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Loves For 30 Years: 6-10

In celebration of my 30th birthday, I am sharing with you 30 Loves. In 30 years I think I have a fairly good understanding of who I am, what inspires me and what I love. And when you love something, you want to share it with the world so that they can love it too...kind of like the love of God. So here you are, 6-10 of 30 things to love. Think of it as your goodie bag!

** Note: I am not paid to say any of this or endorse any of these products. They are simply things I love and want to share with you and are in no particular order...**

6. Vince Guaraldi: It's no secret that I am a major jazz fan and nothing says lounging evenings like Vince. This particular song is entitled Freda...yup, even spelt the same as my beautiful Ella Freda.

7. Coffee in Bed: I told Ben that all I wanted for my birthday was a good strong cup of coffee in bed...nothing beats it.

8. Granville Island Growing up, Saturday morning meant Granville Island, a coffee-mocha-chocolate chip muffin and feeding the birds. In all my travels I have never found anywhere like the Granville Island Market- from the vendors to the food to the buskers, live shows, children's market, theatre, and fresh flowers.....rows and rows of fresh flowers. It fills every sense with beauty.

9.Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. This is one of  THE best autobiography I have ever read. It was informative yet completely entertaining, written by one of the most amazing people to have graced the political stage. His personal character and determination inspire me as he spent a life fighting for a better life for all South Africans (most of which was in prison). I strongly recommend.

10. Kiehl's I got hooked the year after we got married when I was working on Robson Street in Vancouver. Their Gentle Foaming Cleanser is just that, gentle and I like that their Ultra Facial Moisturizer has SPF15. For a little indulgence try their Lavender Bath Foam. I have even got Ben hooked on their Men's Aftershave Balm. I kid you not, he just remarked today, "this is like the bottle that never ends." Because while the price tag may turn you off, you only need a little so they last a very long time.

To be continued....

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Sarah said...

I just love these posts! I'm learning new things about you! I think you should go all the way to 100 though!
And I agree with you on skincare. It is one thing that is worth the extra money...because usually it lasts a long time anyway!

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