Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Few of us will ever be called to be the Kelle Hamptons of the world, or the Nelson Mandelas or the Mother Theresas (Not that I am putting them all in the same category). But we are all made in the image of God giving us worth and a voice. Perhaps not an audible voice using language but a testimony through which God speaks: from the child who only lives to be minutes old, to the infant born with a life-altering syndrome or disease to a mother, a father, doctor, lawyer or cultural icon.
I have been given a voice. In the past couple of days I have been reminded of this as I have watched readership grow and read comments from people telling of how my words spoke to them, encouraged them or inspired them. This, my friend, is why I blog. I have been encouraged and blessed by all of you and embrace the challenge responsibility to use my voice for good. Not to tear down but to build up and inspire: to promote beauty and justice not hate or complacency.

One year ago I wrote this post about living without fear. That was my goal for 2011: to live without fear. I failed. I failed miserably. But isn't that what it is all about? Failing and then picking ourselves up again. We feel defeat and then try to focus on the good, the things that worked, the parts in which we excelled, the parts we need to improve, the parts that we can change and we go forward into a new beginning, a new year and a blank slate.

I said a couple of days ago that I didn't have a word, or any resolutions going into a new year but as I watched my four year old son step into Hamley's Toy Store in London yesterday, I knew what I wanted for 2012. The moment you enter the 54,000 sq foot building, housing 7 floors of toys you are surrounded by music, lights, balloons, laughter and any teddybear/doll/car/train or Harry Potter paraphernalia that you could possibly imagine. Bubbles fill the air, bobbles and gingerbread men dance around your head and everywhere you look there are demonstrators with toys just waiting to be played with. At any given time during the Christmas season there are 350 staff working to make it a place of Wonder.

I want 2012 to be a year of WONDER!
Not in the Hamley's overstimulated, sugar induced adrenaline kind of way but in the marvelling at the natural beauty of life kind of way. I want to work less at trying desperately to create beauty and instead just take time to wonder at it.

{Queue Wonder}

This morning we woke to wind and rain. It was the type of day where one is obligated to stay cuddled up in bed just a little bit longer than usual, taking time to read, to write and to blog. Under a blanket of feathers where my best thinking is done.

Then late morning, after much of nothing, I headed into town, all. by. myself. to get a pedicure. Long story short it is my Christmas present from Ben. I haven't had one since moving to the UK on a Students' income and it was a lovely treat! This was followed by lunch "so I could let the polish dry" all. by. myself. Just me, my book, a glass of sauvignon blanc and a pesto panini. After the mad rush of boxing day sales and holidays downtown was finally quiet. In fact, most of the regular market vendors weren't even back and just a few stalls were there to sell their wares. But amid the empty tents and shimmering streets from the morning rain, my favourite buskers were the centre of attention and playing only for themselves...and me, who they spied pulling out my camera. Their lively melody was a wonder under a clear blue sky.


just sayin' said...

Wonderful! Just wonderful!

Shellzie said...

Krista, I have watched you and read your blog. I can honestly say that perhaps you feel like you failed at living without fear, but, I find that what is even better, you faced your fears head on and walked into them. I do so appreciate how you have opened up your life to us and allowed us to walk with you in every struggle or victory. You are truly human and we love you very much.
mom ewert

Sheila said...

Wonder! What a great 2012 word! I am pretty sure that this year will be full of that for you - since your last 4 months of 2011 gave you a pretty good taste of it already. I am LOVING your blog so much. I feel like I am knowing you on such a different level now and as much as that is pretty terrific, it's also kind of sad that you had to move across the pond to discover that kinship. Thanks for making my days brighter Krista. His blessings and presence on you, and your sweet little fam. Happy Wondering!!

Kmarie said...

Love wonder. Perfect word for a beautiful life. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

So, I've followed Kelle's blog for a long time...but, you know what you have that I've never heard her mention? You love Jesus (and she might as well, but I've never read anything about it on her blog). So, that my sweet sister in Christ is what makes you even MORE special!!! I am sure she is a lovely lady, but YOUR writing and pictures have inspired me more than hers because of your focus on the main thing that matters...Jesus.
I cannot wait to watch what He does through your life this year! It's going to be awesome! What a beautiful mommy you are!

Krista said...

So many encouraging comments that touched my heart, thank you ladies!

Hanah Bae said...

What you said about us failing and then picking ourselves up again reminds me of what Leslie Vernick said in her book, "How to find Selfless Joy in a Me-First World." She said that our failures show that we are human. We can't be perfect, and to embrace that fact is the first step to humility. Our flaws shine on the reason we need Jesus. I hope your 2012 really is one of wonder, one of childlike awe and delight over how incredibly good God is. Thanks for the encouraging post (and the beautiful pictures!)

Monica (Jakel) Crumley said...

Beautiful posts. Wonder-ful. Love that last image! I hope you'll stop and say hello sometime. We have 5 kids, our 4th has Ds and is 4 yrs old. :-)

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