Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fives days in this one beautiful life-day two

When Jakob goes for quiet time, because he no longer naps it seems, I tell him that he can come out of his room at 3:00. So this morning, at 6:30, he told me that I could get up because of course, it was three o'clock. That's right, there is a three, it must be time to get up.
Same old routine - milk, banana, bottle, coffee. But this time, I woke up Ben and spent some time with my coffee and bible with just Ella (beggars can't be choosers). I like the whole 9-5 thing. It means that we can have breakfast together, take in a little John Stott and then get on with our day and today, that meant preschool. I pack Jakob's snack up and today he chose to take his Thomas Suitcase. After our first sign of reluctance towards preschool, Jakob finally surrendered to the plethora of cars, trucks and activity and I went right next door to the church, where Tuesday morning means staff meeting. I actually like meetings- I really do, I think I am one of the only people I know that does but regardless it is a good time to share what is going on with all of the ministries at the Tab. When staff meeting ends early enough or on days like today when we took a short recess, I pop into Mom's time out. Today there was even a seat for me, as opposed to last week. This, in essence is beautiful - a place for mother's to rest and rejuvenate. I am so thankful for this ministry and the women who take care of our precious children.

Daddy took the kids home for lunch and I went to a Ministerial meeting where Jason Koleba talked about how we get the church out the door and start living more missional lives, not just speaking the gospel but demonstrating it. Something to chew on as it is a great challenge...especially in this town where the lines are drawn clear.
When I got home the kids were both sleeping. Oh, do I need to repeat that. THE KIDS WERE BOTH SLEEPING! Now that, is beautiful. Work continued as is the trend on Tuesdays but not before I stopped in at the Fruit Truck. I mused with another patron that the day is drawing near when we will be back to apples, oranges and bananas but for at least one more week....we have the fruit truck.

I said yesterday that soon the trees would be bare and today I could see it coming. The afternoon was fit for a cup of tea and mellow music. By dinner time however, the sun was back.

Ben had to teach lessons so the kids and I went out and sought beauty.

During our walk Jakob started to talk about an eagle in the sky. There wasn't one, but I think he picked it up from a story he had read. But it caused me to look straight up - it's funny the perspectives that you miss when you are more than three feet tall.

I was reminded of simple pleasures, and while I make a mental list I thought I would include a few from yesterday and today.

1. The warmed flannel sheet they wrap you in when you get out of the pool at ACH.
2. Free itunes downloads at Starbucks: yesterday it was Zac Brown Band Keep Me In Mind
3. Free cookies at IGA.

Tonight I post early as I have a date with a glass of wine and my little indulgence of the week- the latest issue of House and Home and the new Ikea catalogue.
Day two - no picnics or pedicures but beautiful nonetheless.


redandhoney said...

Hey Krista! I'm loving this idea... I've always wanted to do a photo documentary of my life... I was thinking of doing the 365 project, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get through it... 5 days sounds much more manageable! Perhaps I'll take my inspiration from you and shamelessly copy your idea :)

Krista said...

Shamelessly copy away...it is very therapeutic.

kimberley said...

hmmm...i'm pretty tempted too. beautiful pictures.

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